What Makes Our Company Different?

1. Expertise and Experience
  • Members of Relevant Organizations: IEST, ABSA, CETA, ASHRAE, NSF-49, NFPA, AIHA.
  • IEST working group voting members and group leaders for 9 exicting groups:
    Clean Room Design,
    Critical Exhaust Systems,
    NanoTechnology Safety,
    NanoTechnology Facility Design,
    HEPA Filter Leak Testing,
    USP-797 Compliance Manual,
    Testing Clean Rooms,
    Qualifications of Clean Room Testing Organizations,
    and Calibrations Procedures for Clean Rooms & Systems.
  • 24 Hour Services, 365 Days a Year:
    (1) Wireless internet capable during any interuption.
    (2) Back-up generators not only for the office but also technician homes.
    (3) All calls answered by person not answering machine or phone message system.
    (4) Employees have all tools & vehicles with them and are readily available after emergencies.
    (5) HEPA filters are available within 1 day usually and in stock from suppliers.
    (6) Owner with over 30 years in the business and 25 years at The Methodist Hospital System. SLSI helps write test procedures for BSC's, chemical fume hoods, clean rooms, and critical exhaust system designs. We were first to offer 24 hour service, the only company in Houston, after Ike and Allisia.
    (7) We also install hoods, repair & calibrate instruments, design and redesign ductwork or blower systems, and consult on BSL-3, CGMP, and vivarium issues.
    (8) Customizeed Service Reports for the Methodist Hospital System. (9) Employees already know The methodist Hospital contacts, facility layout, hood locations, safety procedures, quotation protocols, and all maintenance personel.
2. Safety Procedures
  • Member HASC(Houston Area Safety Council)
  • All Employees have Basic Plus which covers HAZCOM, PPE, all OSHA related safety issues and more.
  • All Empolyees have STAC card training.
  • Our Safety Manual is written by a former OSHA inspector.
  • We Are Members of ASAP, a drug and background check organization that are administered and run by ASAP.
  • Our EMR rate has always been under .80. Our 2009 rate was .77, 2008 was .75, and 2007 was .73.
  • Daily and weekly safety meetings with all employees using STAC(Safety Task Awareness Card) that identifies dangers associated with each specific job.
3. Project Management
  • All certification employees have laptops, cell phones with internet, and company expense account cash to facilitate project completion.
  • Dispatch person is at the office 5 days a week to plan, schedule, order, quote, and help employees complete projects.
  • Scheduler works with customers to fit their needs into our schedules.
  • Emergency Service that provides immediate responses to customers on a level of urgency basis.

    Level/Code 1 -
    Stop any non-emergency work and get customer operationsl. Initiated when hoods are down or facilities are down. Talk customer through procedures until tech arrives.

    Level/Code 2 -
    Facility or hood problems or issues that need resolution in a timely fashion. Talk customer through issues and schedule an appointment ASAP.

    Level/Code 3 -
    Basic certification, calibration, or annual testing (non-emergency).
  • The owner, Rick Meyer, or Certification Manager/Vice President, Ruben Contreras, will review reports, check customer needs, and personally go to the customer's site for consultation as necessary.
  • We also can move, install, repair, replace, redesign, modify, and consult on hoods, pharmacies, clean rooms, vivariums, CGMP labs, and BSL-3 labs.


Contact Info:

Superior Laboratory Services, Inc.
1710 Preston Road, Suite A
Pasadena, TX 77503
Telephone:+713 477 9247
Fax:+713 477 9248