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False Information


We recently learned that a major certification company is providing some false information concerning VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) decontaminations.

First, they claim the lab must be shut down to perform formaldehyde decontaminations. Second, they claim that VHP has a higher/better efficacy than formaldehyde. This is a play on words since formaldehyde is used in a gas form (the most effective form) not vapor. The fact is that a vapor is not as effective as a gas, and VHP does not kill all bacteria as formaldehyde will. Finally, they state that VHP is safer than formaldehyde. The fact is that all decontamination methods use extremely hazardous chemicals to cause bacteria kills, and there is NO SAFE decontamination method.

The simple truth is that formaldehyde gas is the most effective and time-tested decontamination method, period.

Please call us at 888-561-2932 to discuss the facts about all decontamination methods. We at SLSI deal in facts NOT false information or word-play. We will give you the facts that you can then evaluate for yourself to make a rational and informed decision based on facts.

P.S. VHP is TWICE the cost of formaldehyde decontaminations!

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